Privacy Policy

When you visit our website your IP address is registered. We use this information to resolve any technical and server related issues that we may face. Please note that your IP address is not tied with your identity and gives us only general demographic information.

RSMarketInsights asks you to share your name, company name, email address and phone number. This information is collected while a) opening a member account with our website, b) signing up for newsletters and report alerts, c) Quick buy option, d) contacting our representatives for any queries about a product or a service.

During the purchase process your details must be shared with a credit card processing party to verify your credit card information.

We do not, at any point of time share, sell or rent your personal information with third parties.

We share your personal information with the publishers so they can directly deliver the products that you have purchased.

We will use your personal details to send you the requested alerts and newsletters. You can choose to be unlisted from receiving such emails from us at any time by writing to us at

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